Eric Cline

Eric Cline, lawyer turned politician, served the NDP government in a variety of capacities for over thirty years. As a steadfast social democrat, his convictions, commitments, and diligence served his cause both in the legislature and his constituency.
He remains one of Saskatchewan's legitimate political generals in guiding the province from debt and deficit to its present status as a "have" province.











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Eric Cline


Saskatchewan’s longtime NDP politican, Eric Cline, delivers the political and personal in Making a Difference: Reflections from Political Life. This accessible, “down home” memoir positively depicts Saskatchewan political life by sketching his early experience as a nineteen-year-old “paper candidate” for the NDP, and the several years he spent as a legal advisor, before detailing his sixteen-year run as an elected official.

Serving in a variety of high-profile positions, Cline’s name pervaded provincial media and politics as much as it often rankled the opposition. Serving as Saskatchewan’s longest-running Finance minister, since 1960, under two premiers, and often assigned hot positions such as Justice minister during the Stonechild and Milgaard inquiries, or the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority during the casino debates, Cline became a “go-to” guy in the NDP’s long run of power.

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