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Peter Carver is one of Canada's foremost and most prolific editors and educators. He obtained a B.A. from the University of Toronto and a Bachelor of Journalism Degree from the University of Carleton. He has worked at various schools throughout Ontario, and has led workshops on writing by the dozen. He was employed by the Canadian Children's Book Centre from 1982-1989, and currently works as a freelance editor and instructor of writing-for-children courses out of Scarborough, Ontario.







Young adult short fiction anthology

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Opening Tricks

ISBN: 978-1-895449-78-5

Opening Tricks fills a void that has long existed in the Canadian literary landscape: humourous short fiction for young adults. These stories represent a wide range of themes and styles, from the ironies and banalities of everyday teenage life, to the strange, bizarre world of the imagination.

This anthology is the reward of Thistledown’s third national competition for young adult short stories, and these thirteen original fictions are spirited and engaging. The two winning stories are “The Trickster” by Jacqueline Pearce, and “Mom?!” by Diana C. Aspin. This collection includes some of the best young adult authors in Canada, from talented newcomers to award-winning bookshelf names.

Opening Tricks also contains stories by: Cheryl Archer, Karen Krossing, R.P. MacIntyre, Eric Nicol, Sharon Stewart, Beverley Brenna, Shelley A. Leedahl, Barry Mathias, Janice Scott, Jennifer Taylor, and Ed Yatscoff.

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