Dwayne Brenna

Dwayne Brenna has acted at the Stratford Festival and on the Edinburgh Fringe. He has appeared on television in various nationally and internationally broadcast programs including "For the Record", "Judge" (CBC Toronto), "The Great Electrical Revolution", and "The Incredible Story Studio" (Mind's Eye). His movie credits include The Wars, Painted Angels, and Black Light. Professor Brenna can also be heard regularly on CBC Saskatchewan radio in the character of Eddie Gustafson.

An active researcher and writer, Professor Brenna's recent publications include Scenes from Canadian Plays (Fifth House) and "George Dibdin Pitt: Actor and Playwright" (Theatre Notebook, January, 1998). A book of fiction, Eddie Gustafson's Guide to Christmas was published in 2000. Dr. Brenna is also contributor to the Routledge Who's Who in Contemporary World Theatre (2000) and to the New Dictionary of National Biography (Oxford), 2004.




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Emrys' Dream: Greystone Theatre in Photographs and Words

ISBN: 978-1-897235-27-0

 It was both providence and necessity that created Canada’s and the Commonwealth’s first degree-granting drama department at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon. Born out of the University’s Dramatic Society that flourished in the first three decades of the Twentieth Century, the Greystone Theatre emerged to become a force in theatre development and a prominent shaper in the family tree of Canadian theatre. Known for its program range — from classic repertory to cutting-edge new plays — it continues to this day to teach and inspire theatre production, management, artistic direction, and acting. Its history is a fascinating amalgam of anecdote, commentary, and biography that show its contribution to the cultural evolution of Canadian theatre in the last century.

Emrys’ Dream captures the energy that has driven and sustained the Greystone Theatre. Drawing on the well-preserved and substantial visual and written archives at the University of Saskatchewan, and selectively reconstructing interviews of directors, actors, and alumni whose Greystone experience animates the book’s text, actor, writer and present Greystone director, Dwayne Brenna, has forged a lively testament: that Emrys’ Dream is alive and the Greystone Theatre lives on revealing the quiet, steady influence it has had on Canadian theatre.


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