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Don Truckey is an award-winning screenwriter whose work includes the television series Street Legal and Urban Angel. He has written two movies with hockey as their theme: the Gemini award-winning Net Worth and Chicks with Sticks, as well as Crazy Canucks about Canada’s Olympic Ski team. His first book in the Caraway Kim Series, The Adventures of Caraway Kim . . . Southpaw was published in 2005 and was shortlisted for the 2007 Rocky Mountain Book Award (Alberta Children in Literacy Program). Don Truckey lives in Toronto, Ontario, but grew up in a small Alberta town much like the town of the series.






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The Adventures Of Caraway Kim...Right Wing

ISBN: 978-1-897235-43-0

Ever since legendary hockey broadcaster Foster Hewitt’s “He shoots, he scores!”, Canadian kids have been lacing up their skates, grabbing their hockey gear and heading out to the rink. Caraway Kim’s quest in The Adventures of Caraway Kim . . . Right Wing is to become the top goal scorer on his hockey team. He is highly motivated, skilled but not the rough and tumble kind of hockey player who dominates the ice. And, of course, there is such a player on his team — Bradley Rooks — a bigger, stronger, older rival who seems to dominate play and the puck and seems certain to take the crown. What Brandley Rooks doesn’t know is that Kim is truly a student of the game and when the curved stick becomes the latest innovation in hockey, Kim adopts “the secret weapon” revolutionizing the game.

Ages 9-12

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