David Richards

DAVID RICHARDS’ education at the Royal Military College in Kingston and his experience as a member of the Canadian Army for six years provided him with the perfect background to explore his fictional territories. First there was Soldier Boys (Thistledown Press, 1993) that transformed the Northwest Rebellion from a “history lesson into a human drama.” Next came Lady at Batoche (Thistledown Press, 1999) that rewrote the Gabriel Dumont/ Louis Riel mythology and won a Saskatchewan Book Award. In 2007, The Plough's Share vividly encompassed late nineteenth century England, the Boer War, and Canada’s Barr Colonist experience. In The Source of Light (2011) Richards focuses his attention, research and storytell;ing on science and technology
David Richards lives in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan for part of the year and Tahsis, a beautiful ocean village on the west coast of Vancouver Island, for the rest of the year.








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The Source of Light

ISBN: 978-1-897235-93-5

The Source of Light profiles two seventeen-year-olds, Badger and Mike, as they put on their detective mind sets and physical disguises to seek answers to serious questions such as Mike’s mother’s infidelity and Mike’s father’s involvement in industrial espionage. Obsessed with sleuthing and science, these grade-twelve geeks begin a transformation that will change the lives of everyone they know. Setting the mystery against the background of a synchrotron, a football field-sized facility that uses light millions of times brighter than the sun to peer inside matter, the teen detectives soon begin to connect the world’s most powerful microscope to nefarious black market schemes and the powerful men who spawn them. The result of their investigative surveillance uncovers the complicated truth of a parent’s infidelity, the secret plans of a synchrotron physicist with a split personality, evidence of a foreign agent, and the discovery of a powerful secret code named the Genesis Project that has become the target for international corporate theft.

This novel is dedicated to the pure fun of dazzling light science, the adventure of private investigation, and the surprise when you suddenly discover your true purpose in life while trying to learn someone else’s.

  • Chosen for inclusion in the Best Books for Kids and Teens  2012 edition


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