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Einstein Dog is Craig Spence’s second novel for young readers, following Josh and the Magic Vial (Thistledown Press), which was nominated for both a BC Book Prize and the Chocolate Lily Award. Spence lives in Langley, BC.

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264 pages / trade paper

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Einstein Dog

ISBN: 978-1-897235-65-2

Bertrand Smith’s father, Alex, thinks he’s making the world a better place by developing a breed of super-intelligent canines. But SMART dogs turn out not to be such a smart idea when a global arms dealer decides to “dognap” the experimental litter to use as his next secret weapon. Bertrand, Ariel Krieger, and their four-legged friends Einstein and Genie find themselves drawn into this dangerous game and the frightening action that follows. Can these gifted dogs and the young detectives match wits with the cunning corporate villain Hindquist? Will SMART Dogs change the way that people and man’s best friend have always been connected in friendship and loyalty? What are the limits of sacrifice between friends, and brothers and sisters, whether they be people or dogs? In Einstein Dog, writer Craig Spence deftly connects our love for dogs and their unquestioning loyalty to us, but he also asks the question: What would happen if dogs were as smart or even smarter than us? Set in suburban Vancouver, the outcome of this high-tech kid thriller isn’t decided until the final pages. Young readers — and their parents — will find themselves immersed in the action, hoping desperately the characters survive, that the evil Hindquist is vanquished, and pups are saved from a terrible fate.

Ages 8-12

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