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Carla Braidek lives and writes in the boreal forest near Big River, Saskatchewan. Her book Carrying the Sun (Thistledown, 2005) was shortlisted for the Saskatchewan Book Award for Poetry. Her work is also published in her chapbook Quickening, the Hagios Press anthology New Saskatchewan Poets, and various literary magazines. Her poetry was included in the full-length documentary, Unplugged — Emma 2010 Collaboration, that was filmed during that time. 












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Carrying the Sun

ISBN: 978-1-894345-93-4

In this debut collection the taiga and boreal forests exist as a catalyst for poetry. Here the spruce and fir trees stand as sentries, while the poems, in acts of creative photosynthesis, invade the orderly tableau of ferns, moss, and the impassable snarl of deadfall and debris. The intimacy of living within one of the world’s largest remaining intact forest ecosystems is authentically captured and passionately shared in Carrying The Sun.

“Carla Braidek’s poetry celebrates the yearning, joy, fear, and uncertainty associated with humanness. With precision and originality, she weaves metaphor into the rich tapestry of a life lived in tandem with nature, a cloth both tough and soft to the touch. Skilfully, playfully, and with great vulnerability, Braidek leads the reader to a place of peace ‘where [the words] hide,’ her sense of wonder full of the threads of possibility.”
— Barbara Klar.


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