Carla Braidek

Carla Braidek lives and writes in the boreal forest near Big River, Saskatchewan. Her book Carrying the Sun (Thistledown, 2005) was shortlisted for the Saskatchewan Book Award for Poetry. Her work is also published in her chapbook Quickening, the Hagios Press anthology New Saskatchewan Poets, and various literary magazines. Her poetry was included in the full-length documentary, Unplugged — Emma 2010 Collaboration, that was filmed during that time. 












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A Map in My Blood

ISBN: 978-1-77187-096-2

Traditional poetry continues to hold its place in contemporary literature, in part because of the emergence of women whose writing is informed by tradition but whose subject matter crystalizes in the personal search for meaning. This work represents a search through life, querying events and ideas. Thoughts are offered and ideas considered, but no real conclusion is reached as life’s constant flux shifts the perspective and importance of every event. Everyday moments and seemingly inconsequential acts are allowed their due while peace and strength show through the loss and effort.

In the backdrop to the poems, the boreal forest comes alive, poems begin there:
I spent the entire day walking poplar brush and spruce groves
stretched out for a bit in waist-high grass in the meadow beyond the birches
worked my slow way beneath the willows where beaver wore a path
through stones that rim the slough next to Little Winter Lake
And poems end there:
young throats yip
coyote pups on the ridge
beckon the moon as feet slap boards
stretched to the drowning sun
leap into rippled silver

In these poems, the forest, the woman, and the poem share the work for meaning, and this is what creates their beauty as much as the carefully chosen words that convey it.


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