C.J. Beuhler

C.J. Beuhler was born in 1947 in Saskatchewan and grew up in Regina. During his career with the Canadian Air Force, he saw North America from coast to coast and from the arctic to the Gulf of Mexico. In that time, he encountered a generous measure of life and death drama. Upon reflection, he wanted to share some of those experiences, while commenting upon how we perceive the world and our place in it. We Are Still Here reveals this unique combination of experience and social commentary. C.J. Beuhler lives in Climax, Saskatchewan.








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C.J. Beuhler

Part mystery, part dystopian prophesy, We Are Still Here probes the implosion of the vagrant goals and economic aimlessness in one man and his resulting quest for purpose. Through a blending of mythical forces and mythological archetypes that idealize the Innu tales of cultural heroes, and shape-shifters, We Are Still Here acts as traditional account of the life events of a self-proclaimed Innu oracle, and how his gathered tribe emerge as the future of civilization by returning to a world in which humans and animals are not yet differentiated.
Highly entertaining and deceptively simple, Beuhler’s tale works for a wide reading audience.

“An exciting new voice on the scene, Chris Beuhler’s enormous imaginative scope, his vigorous prose, and the high tension he creates will have everyone reading this book.” — Sharon Butala

Ages 9-13

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