Allan Forrie

Al Forrie is the current Publisher and Editor at Thistledown Press. In his three decades with Thistledown he has worked in varying capacities as an editorial board member, marketing & sales manager, production manager, and book designer. He has served on a variety of professional and industry boards including those of the Saskatchewan curriculum development, and as president of the Saskatchewan Publishers Group. In his capacity as a curriculum developer he has co-edited the poetry anthology Dancing Visions , the short story anthology The Last Map is the Heart, and the poetry anthology, In the Clear. He also co-wrote the Thistledown Novels Guide, and The Last Map is the Heart Teachers Resource Guide, and wrote the Notes Across the Aisle Teachers Guide, and the Takes: Stories for Young Adults Teachers Guide.





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The Voyeur's Caravan: Travel Stories

ISBN: 978-1-77187-076-4


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