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Al Forrie is the current Publisher and Editor at Thistledown Press. In his three decades with Thistledown he has worked in varying capacities as an editorial board member, marketing & sales manager, production manager, and book designer. He has served on a variety of professional and industry boards including those of the Saskatchewan curriculum development, and as president of the Saskatchewan Publishers Group. In his capacity as a curriculum developer he has co-edited the poetry anthology Dancing Visions , the short story anthology The Last Map is the Heart, and the poetry anthology, In the Clear. He also co-wrote the Thistledown Novels Guide, and The Last Map is the Heart Teachers Resource Guide, and wrote the Notes Across the Aisle Teachers Guide, and the Takes: Stories for Young Adults Teachers Guide.




short fiction anthology

336 pages / trade paper

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Teacher Resource Guide

The Last Map is the Heart

ISBN: 978-0-920633-64-9

“This excellent anthology contains 42 works of short fiction written by Western Canadian writers in the last fifty years . . .”
Canadian Book Review Annual


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