Adrienne Gruber

Adrienne Gruber has been published in various literary magazines across Canada including: Grain, CV2, Descant, Room, and the Windsor Review. She was a finalist in Descant's 2008 Winston Collins Best Canadian Poem contest. Gruber lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.












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This Is the Nightmare

ISBN: 978-1-897235-52-2

This collection is the poet’s quest for exit signs, both mutual and solitary. Or is it an entrance she looks for through the forests of family and love, the changing landscapes of people, the shifting seasons? When nature is at work revealing and recovering, when who you were becomes who you are, there is clarity. These moments are captured as rituals that reveal the disharmony of existence; and the need for encounters with ghosts, both real and ethereal.

“There is sex, death and everything in between, which sums up the Uber Gruber’s poetry. How can she be both cheeky and wise at once? So sweet and sad and good?” — Susan Musgrave

“In poems that are fresh, quirky, poignant, amusing, and always unflinchingly honest, Adrienne Gruber confronts the ambiguities of intimacy and love. Her terrain is the ‘tender navigation’ of feelings for the living and the dead, for lovers, for family, even a beloved dog — in other words, what we find and what we lose as we journey through life.” — Judith Krause


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