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We Don't Listen to Them            
Sean Johnston            
What Became My Grieving Ceremony Red Curls Rose's Run After You've Gone Motherwild Parallel Rivers  
Cara-Lyn Morgan Tracy Hamon Dawn Dumont Lori Hahnel Ken Rivard Michael Kenyon  
The Glass Character Proudflesh Sophie, in Shadow The Hills Are Shadows
Swimming with Turtles Not the First Thing I've Missed  
Margaret Gunning Peggy Worrell Eilene Kernaghan Joan Givner Doug Beardsley Fionncara MacEoin  
 The Cast Stone  The Maladjusted  Leaving Berlin The Ditch Was Lit Like This  The Source of Light  Barnabas Bigfoot
A Close Shave
 Harold Johnson  Derek Hayes  Britt Holmström  Sean Johnston  David Richards  Marty Chan  
 Our Kind of Work  To the Edge of the Sea  In the Embrace of the Alligator  Nobody Cries At Bingo  Walking Through Shadows  Odd Ball  
 Dwayne Brenna  Anne McDonald  Amanda Hale  Dawn Dumont  Tara Manuel  Arthur John Stewart