The Youngest Spy

Vancouver SunMcDivitt keeps the story simple enough to  be clear and complicated enough to be 
interesting . . . He delivers that winning one-two punch of education and 
entertainment. — Troy Wilson 
The Midwest Book Review
The American Civil War didn’t affect just Americans —  The Youngest Spy follows 
George Duguay, a Canadian farm boy as he falls into a job of spying on the Union army 
as they seemingly plot to invade Canada — as he befriends countless people on every 
side of the conflict and must face the harsh decision of having to betray one of them. A 
seminal story of Canadian nationalism, The Youngest Spy is a deftly composed historical 
thriller, a great read all the way through. 
Victoria Times Colonist
[McDivitt] takes a complex welter of events and succeeds in presenting each of the 
national and private points of view with sympathy. — Barbara Julian