The Source of Light

 Resource Links, Volume 17, Number 3 (2011)

“If he hadn’t let Badger goad him into proving the existence of God. He’d never have discovered that his mother was having an affair” (p. 11).

 Mike prides himself on being nondescript, not standing out, being a loner but his developing friendship with Badger sees his whole life change: much to his parents’ relief as they’re concerned that he might “go Columbine”. In reality, Mike’s only interests are his religion and in being a spy.

Despite a really strong start, where I couldn’t wait to find out what was going to happen, this book petered out. One of the main issues was too many plots none of which were explored fully. Mike’s mother was having an affair and then she wasn’t, Mike begins to develop a romantic relationship but it doesn’t happen, then there’s industrial espio­nage, a jealous friend who accuses Mike of bringing a gun to school, Mike’s religious beliefs; with all of these storylines it’s no wonder that none of them feels fully developed.

This is David Richard’s fourth novel with Thistledown Press, and his third for young adults.

Thematic Links: Infidelity; Espionage; Science; Technology; Multiple Personality;Religion; Friendship

— Denise Corey