Banabas Bigfoot: The Bone Eater

Resource Links, Volume 19, Number 3, 2014

Barnabas Bigfoot, The Bone Eater is the third book of Marty Chan's series about sasquatches. Though 1 have not read previous books in the series, it quickly became clear I had travelled into an uniquely imagined place and time. The main character and narra¬tor, Barnabas, is a young sasquatch and the book opens with Barnabas and his friends, Hannah and Ruth, fleeing from hunters. Later we learn that the hunting humans are not their greatest threat. The trio must move quickly to warn the sasquatch tribes who are scattered throughout the region that the bone eater is now among them.

Despite the narrator being an unfamiliar creature to most readers, Barnabas comes across as a sympathetic character. The narration includes a lot of his interior thought and the reader can see first hand that Barnabas is conscientious and thoughtful and wants to do right by his friends. We see the world through his sasquatch eyes and his concerns become ours.

At times, the story drags. The ending is inconclusive as it hints toward another book to follow. While the dialogue is quite humorous with its unique references to the sasquatch world, such as “Hairy armpits!” and “Great mossy rock!” as frequent expressions used by the young sasquatches, more fun could have been ramped up within the plot line itself.

Reading the books in order of their publication is recommended. — Louise Sidley

Thematic Links: Fantasy; Mythology; British Columbia Wilderness