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Job Posting: Marketing Coordinator
Thistledown Press


Thistledown Press is part of Canada’s diverse and dynamic literary publishing network. Originally part of the historic small press movement of the 1970s, Thistledown remains committed to publishing high quality fiction and poetry and developing Canadian writing at a grassroots level.  We are a unique publishing house, situated in Saskatoon, absolutely clear on our publishing program and well-established in our print and digital book markets.

We require an employee who loves books, writing and reading, and who is enthusiastic about contributing to our vibrant work in Canadian culture and entertainment. But we also need an individual who is self-motivating and matches up with our desired experience and skills. Note that there is limited formal job training at Thistledown but the company has excellent resources and experienced, knowledgeable staff.


This is an ideal opportunity for a university graduate with a focus on publishing, English, marketing and/or communications.  If you have the following:

  • Publishing experience and/or small business experience;
  • Related marketing experience in publishing;
  • Competent computer skills including all MS Office applications (Word, Excel, PPT) Spreadsheet creation and management are essential;
  • A working knowledge of social media;  
  •  A  basic knowledge of  layout and design software such as Adobe In-Design, Illustrator, and Photoshop
  • Confident skills in writing, communicating, organizing, multi-tasking, budgeting, and time management within a very busy literary publishing house environment;

 then we would like to employ you.


Works with Thistledown support but without supervision to plan and manage Thistledown’s print and digital sales, promotional and media materials and to assist with implementing website promotion and representing the press at sales conferences and other industry events.

Competitive salary and challenging work.


Marketing & Advertising

  • Maintain reviewer mailing lists and mail review copies and ARCs;
  •  Maintain and manage book award lists and events;
  • Sales conference and trade shows attendance preparation and follow-up;
  • Create and distribute press releases and social media announcements;
  • Create book ads and negotiate rates;
  • Develop seasonal ad schedule;
  •  Design and write ad copy;
  • Track and archive book reviews;
  • Create marketing copy for catalogue and book jackets.


  • Coordinate timing and delivery of advance materials;
  • Create sell sheets, press kits, flyers, posters, postcards, shelf-talkers and other packaging materials;
  • Maintain and update Thistledown’s  website;
  • Update and manage ONIX files


  • Sort and log writer queries and manuscripts
  • Maintain manuscript  records log
  • Proof Reading as requested


  • Designing an advertising budget for each Thistledown publishing season. This may include analysing and forecasting sales potential for the seasonal titles and preparing an advertising budget that promotes the titles appropriately but stays within the guidelines of the full marketing budget.
  • Managing the production, design, and distribution of marketing catalogues (in print and digital forms). Responsibilities Include developing and implementing the seasonal sales and ad schedules, liaising with Ampersand, Thistledown’s sales agency, and working closely with other Thistledown personnel on a needs basis.
  • Developing and managing materials for distribution, budget revisions, cost analysis reports and writing marketing budget summaries;
  •  Creating and developing website and social media advertising and promotion, author online book launches and in consultation with Managing Editor and Publisher,  developing content and creating reports for granting purposes.
  • Managing author book launches, author travel and author online promotions which includes securing funding, managing budgets, and creating reports.

If you are interested, please reply to  with resume and cover letter by February 15, 2014. Use the title  “Marketing Coordinator” in your email. Note: only those applicants invited to interview will be contacted.